As a “former”*– member of Theremidi Orchestra, I got many inspirations by working on sound and noise with my friends  in the group. (*) the former refers to the current hibernating situation of the group (?!);

next inspiring references I got from various radio-shows of Radio Student:­imperializem­uho

Special thanks goes to 3via records which publish most sounds from this site:

Sounds from Squares


As I already pointed out on the page: “Sounds” I’m not a musician and sound provokes me in a “visual” sense. So I am on this site done few experiments: how would you hear photography that is silent at the time when you look at it and I was wondering if there is a sound that would be cleared of connections to reality or what abstract generically produced sound turns into. I took the software for editing sounds and imported information of the digital image itself and converts them into a sound basis. After that I further manipulated. I wondered how sounds extend basic­ converted interval, which I reduced the noise and duplicated its unit. When manipulating sounds, I strictly adhered to tools related to time and/or space.

The works presented below were done in 2014 and are a reconstruction of “old” .swf files that Google security has prevented from “being” on-line.

two art interventions as reflection on political protests in Barcelona (2012) and in Ljubljana (2013)